Recent Projects

We have completed over 400 engineering projects with 30 different clients around the globe.

St. Francis Links – Borehole Water Treatment Plant – (2021/2022)

Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commission of Borehole Water Treatment Plant including Enclosure and Storage Tanks. The Treatment Process includes conventional Filtration techniques and well as Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. The treated water from the plant comply with SANS 241 Drinking Water Standards.

Veolia - B Braun Medical - Project Z - Clean Media (2019/2020)

Installation of Hygienic Piping Reticulations within NEW B Braun Medical Production Facility, including the placement and assembly of Water Treatment Plant, Storage Tanks and Pure Steam Generator. The Piping services included the following; Purified Water, Water For Injection and Clean/Pure Steam. All installed piping reticulations required extensive Non-Destructive Testing included within Validation and Data Pack documents, submitted on completion. The contract also included Lagging and Cladding of installed Piping via approved/accredited local sub-contractor.

B Braun Medial - Industrial Steam Distribution System (2019/2020)

Installation of Industrial Steam Distribution Piping including associated Equipment within NEW B Braun Medical Production Facility. The Piping Distribution included Industrial Steam, High Pressure and Low Pressure Condensate. The contract included Lagging and Cladding of installed Piping via approved/accredited local sub-contractor. Validation and Data Pack Documentation submitted to verify compliance with SANS 347 Pressure Regulation Act.

FKMSA - Water Treatment Plant Relocation/Upgrade Project (2019/2020)

Relocation of existing Water Treatment Plant equipment within FKMSA Port Elizabeth Facility to accommodate NEW WPF and WFI Storage Tanks. Piping reticulations required modifications to accommodate the Relocated and NEW Equipment positions, which included the following piped services; Municipal Water, Purified Water, Water for Injection, Industrial Steam and Condensate, Compressed Air, Cooling Water. Portion of the contract which included the utility piping requirements was sub-contracted and managed by OLME.

Hi Calibre - Aspen Pharmacare - SVP1 End State Execution (2019/2020)

Installation of Hygienic CIP Skid and Piping within existing Aspen Pharmacare SVP 1 Facility in Port Elizabeth.

The Piping services included the following; Water for Injection, Clean Steam, Condensate, Nitrogen, Compressed air and Process Chilled Water.

BAIC - Compressed Air Generation Facility and Cooling Water System (2019)

Installation of NEW Compressed Air Generation Facility and Cooling Water System within Automotive Plant which included the rigging and placement of Free Issued Compressors, Desiccant Dryers, Receiver and Cooling Towers. Installation included the Supply and Installation of all interconnection Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel piping between various Free Issued equipment as indicated. Sectional Storage Tank installations also formed part of our installation scope on both the Compressed Air and Cooling Systems.

Mondelez International - Compressed Air Facility (2018)

Upgrade of existing Compressed Air Generation Plant, which included the installation of NEW Compressors, Desiccant Dryers and Filters free issued by Universal Equipment. The upgrade also required all piping to be removed and upgraded to handle the increased compressed air volumes.

Orion Carbons - Reactor P21 & P23 Cooling Water and Process Air (2017)

Upgrade existing Cooling Water and Process Air Piping Reticulation to existing Reactor P21 and P23. The contract required the removal of all existing redundant piping prior to the installation and reconnection of the newly installed piping system.

Coega Dairy - Municipal Water Treatment Plant (2017)

Design, Manufacture and Install Water Treatment Facility to treat existing Municipal Water to ensure compliance with equipment and process requirements. The treatment process required Pre-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis treatment packages as well as storage and pump distribution system.

Coca-Cola - Nairobi Bottlers - Water Treatment Plant Upgrade (2017)

Upgrade existing Conventional Water Treatment Facility to cope with additional capacity requirements for NEW Factory Extension. The upgrade included the removal of existing equipment and installation of NEW equipment to achieve the additional water capacity requirements.

Veolia - Biovac - Pure Fluids Utility Piping (2016)

Install NEW Hygienic Piping Reticulations within repurposed building at Biovac facility in Cape Town. The piping services included the following; Water for Injection, Compressed Air, Pure Steam and Condensate.

Hi-Calibre - Aspen Pharmacare - SVP 2 Additions (2014)

Install NEW Hygienic Piping Reticulations within existing building at Aspen Pharmacare facility in Port Elizabeth. The piping services included the following; Water for Injection, Pure Steam and Condensate.

Continental - Press Trench #2 Extension (2014)

Extension of Pipe Services including Support Brackets to NEW Trench #2 within Continental Port Elizabeth Facility. The extension of the Pipe Services required for the NEW Tyre Press machines installed by client. The piping services included the following; Steam, Condensate, Compressed Air, Cooling Water and Vacuum.

Veolia - Port Alfred - Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Skids (2014)

Manufacture and Supply Only of Brackish Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Skids for Port Alfred local municipality. Manufacturing was based on design drawings and instruction issued by our client. Piping Specification – Duplex Stainless Steel.

Aspen Pharmacare - CMB - High Containment Suite (2013)

Installation of Piped Services within newly constructed facility. The NEW piped reticulations were connected to existing supply network of existing facility. The piping services included the following; Steam, Condensate, Compressed Air, Nitrogen and Ethanol.

Coca-Cola - Hellenic Nigeria - Manual Un-caser Units (2012)

Manufacture, Supply and Install Manual Un-Caser units within various Bottling Facilities across Nigeria. The Process Equipment was manufactured and tested within South Africa and the shipped for installation next to existing conveyor lines within existing facilities.

Fresenius Kabi - CMB - Free Flex Project (2011)

Installation of NEW Hygienic Piping reticulation within existing Bodene facility in Port Elizabeth. The scope of works included the manufacture of a NEW Mixing Platform and the modifications of existing platform. Existing Tanks and equipment also removed and re-positioned within contract scope.

Namibia Breweries Limited - Process Piping Upgrade (2011)

Replacement of existing damaged (Stress Corrosion Cracking) Stainless Steel Hot Water Loop Piping within the Packaging Hall. The scope of works also included the replacement of existing Hot Water Flushing Tank and associated Pump and process equipment.

GlaxoSmithKline - Borstol Relocation (2010)

Relocate existing Product Lines to NEW Point of Application at GSK facility in Cape Town. Existing product lines removed and discarded and NEW transfer lines installed to process equipment. New Flow Plates were manufactured and installed as part of the project scope of works.

Project Assignments - Adcock Ingram - CIP Piping and CIP Systems (2010)

Install NEW Piping CIP Reticulation system within the existing Adcock Ingram facility in Johannesburg. Our scope of works also included the manufacture and supply of the CIP System on site, which included various OEM Equipment.