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OEM Solutions

Ocean Legacy Marine Engineering (OLME) specialises in the Manufacture and Installation of OEM Plant and Equipment that can be tailored to specific client requirements.


We have access to a number of experienced specialists covering technical applications within the Chemical, Water Treatment and Process sectors of the market. The demand for efficient and durable plant and equipment that could be tailored to the client requirements motivated our company to focus on providing dedicated modular designs with plug and play capability.


Throughout our many years of operation, we have designed and developed a wide range of modular Plant and Equipment, and successfully commissioned across Africa.

Require custom Manufacturing and Installation Services?

We provide Turnkey solutions from concept to delivery and our technical teams oversee and manage site installations until commissioning and final project hand-over.


Chemical Mixing/Hydration Plant


Our standard Caustic (NaOH) Lye Hydration plant is a proven plant and process design system, which has been installed in various plants for on-site hydration processes across Africa. Our clients are found in the Raw Chemical, Beverage, Brewing, Textile, and Sand Mining sectors who require bulk on site Caustic Hydration as a cost-effective option. Our various Plant options are certified and comply with applicable legislation relating to Pressure Vessel and Chemical Plant construction codes internationally. The plant is supplied with detailed Engineering drawings, manuals and operating instructions, and mandatory operator induction training is done on site by our team. To reduce transportation and commissioning costs our Hydration plants are supplied in pre-manufactured modules for rapid site installation. We work with internationally recognized chemical companies as their preferred manufacturer and installation partner for chemical manufacturing related plant and equipment.

Water Treatment Plant


We focus on the manufacture of small to medium standard packaged Water Treatment Plants, which are either incorporated within a modified shipping container or specialized manufactured enclosures. Our manufacturing capability along with globally competitive OEM Supply and Distribution agreements allow for a most cost-effective end cost offering with reduced lead times based on our modular packaged approach which are pre-assembled, skid mounted and FAT tested providing significant cost reduction and on-site installation requirements. Our services also included the manufacture of treatment plants according to specific client requirements and supplied designs. We work with internationally recognised water treatment companies as their preferred manufacturer and installation partner for water treatment related plant and equipment. We have various exclusive manufacturing licence agreements with our clients as their preferred Water Treatment Plant and Equipment Supplier.

Enclosures (Mod-Cube)


Our modular enclosure units enable us to manufacture and assemble in-house, and ship flat-pack solutions with minimum on-site installation requirements. By virtue of the enclosure design, freight envelope, and structural integrity these units have endless application capabilities. We have designed and manufactured enclosures for leading Site Power suppliers, Solar Energy providers and Water Treatment Plant applications. Enclosures are assembled and tested (FAT) prior to shipment, enabling these units to be categorized as plug and play solutions.

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